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AEGIS completes the certification of the Siemens Voice Cab Mobile

AEGIS Certification Services (ACS) was appointed by Siemens Mobility Limited to carry out the Notified Body conformity assessment of the latest version of the GB voice cab mobile.

This update of the mobile, to be called version NR4.0 after operational trialling, delivers greater immunity to interference from 4G/LTE public networks and contains a new ‘Nexus’ board providing functionality including GPS, accelerometers and LTE.  The upgrade of the trial vehicles will involve the replacement of the existing radio unit and the inclusion of the GPS incorporated GSM-R antenna plus installation of a new LTE antenna.

The Notified Body assessment has verified compliance of the Interoperability Constituent with the relevant requirements of the current Control-Command and Signalling TSI ((EU) 2016/919) and EIRENE specifications (FRS 8.0.0 and SRS 16.0.0).

The assessment was completed within the target timescales and resulted in the issue of EC Type Examination (CB) and Quality Management System Approval (CD) certificates and an accompanying Technical File.