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AEGIS Monthly Webinars



Due to the success of our first online webinar “AEGIS Approvals Demystified”  in September 2020, we are pleased to announce that we are hosting a series of monthly webinars in 2021.


Webinar 1:

Wednesday 9th December – 12.30 – 13.30

Title: Vicious circle of Technical Debt – How to Avoid, Get out!

Most projects are either delayed or delivered < 100% completeness! The challenge is to manage the delivery commitments and ensure the decisions taken by the team are not only focused on short term gains or fixes. Many teams go down the route of focusing only on the delivery commitments of time and take crucial decisions that have an adverse impact on the long-term delivery goals. One bad decision pushes the team onto the vicious circle of technical debt, and very quickly, the small issues snowball into a huge problematic project! Sounds familiar!? Well, we will share some insights and best practices in V&V that provide preventive mechanisms to reduce and avoid technical debt! Nothing out of the world, but simple, fundamental principles with a bit of automation and enforcement that busy projects usually forget to adhere to!

Presenters: Gopalakrishnan Sivaswamy – AEGIS Head of Test & Automation and Bobby Joseph Thumbaserry – Bombardier Lead Functional Architect


Webinar 2:

Tuesday 26th January – 12.30 – 13.30

Title: Authorisation of UK Passenger Rolling stock, Freight and Infrastructure post Brexit

The United Kingdom is out of the transition period and the EU and therefore the old regime does not apply anymore. Listen to the latest update on the authorisation of vehicles and infrastructure.

Presenter: Luigi D’Angelo – Head of Assessment Body and ISA Services



Webinar 3:

Tuesday 23rd February – 12.30 – 13.30

Title: Software Standards – The differences between the standards

Several SW Standards are available for Railways applications: EN50128:2011, EN50657:2017, EN50128:2011+A2:2020. Understanding the differences and similarities, applicability and scope.

Presenter: Lucia Copogna –Head of Software and Cyber Security


Webinar 4:

Wednesday 10th March – 12.30- 13.30

Title: Digital Railway Signalling: ERTMS and the Future

Understanding basic concepts of ERTMS, architecture, Operational Modes, Level transitions, current and future development of the ETCS in the UK and Europe. Also a wider look into the future of command, control and signalling ideas, developments and technologies.

Presenters: Suhail Ermus Principal Assurance Engineer & Dr Shamal Crowther Senior Engineer

                  Shamal Crowther


Webinar 5:

Monday 19th April – 12.30 – 13.30

Title: Level Crossing suitable and sufficient risk assessment

An overview of level crossing risk and how risk is managed

Presenter: Andrew Allen – Senior Engineer


Webinar 6:

Wednesday 12th May – 12.30 – 13.00 – POSTPONED Revised date Wednesday 7th July 12.30 – 13.00

Title: The how and why of the IRSE Professional Exam

What are the benefits of taking the IRSE exam for aspiring signalling engineers, how to apply and an overview of the relevant topics? The IRSE Exam structure has changed recently and this presentation will be ideal for anyone hoping to sit the exam as well as those wondering what it is all about!

Presenter: Dr Shamal Crowther – Senior Engineer


Webinar 7:

Tuesday 15th June – 12.30 – 13.30

Title: EMC in the UK railway

EMC and EMC standards and how they apply to the UK railway

Presenter: Colin Place – Principal EMC Engineer



If you would like to attend any of the webinars above,  please send an email to  and entitled the email ie Webinar 1, Webinar 2 etc to register your interest.