Case Studies

Examples of projects from across our portfolio of services


Consultancy Projects

AB Rail Sander System Standards Compliance
Angel Trains Class 150 Relay Replacement Case Study
Structural Finite Element Analysis Rail Corrugation Analyser
Structural Finite Element Analysis Rail Grinder Traction Locker
Structural Finite Element Analysis Rotor Modification Assessment Traction Motor
Class 442 Converter Mod Case Study
VivaRail Class 230 Case Study
Tram Bodyshell Assessment Case Study
Vivarail COP26 Battery Train Case Study
Chiltern TPWS Mk4 Case Study
Safety Assurance through the Common Safety Method (CSM) Case Study
SMART Electrification Case Study

Certification Projects

Unipart TPWSfour Case Study
Class 153 PRM Modifications Case Study
AJH Plant First Approval of Rail Rascal Case Study
Plasser 08-4x4_4s – Case study
Rexquote_Readypower MEWPS – Case Study
Mors Smitt TPWS Case Study
G-Volution Class 73 Bio Fuel Case Study
Glasgow Subway Case Study
Fitzgerald Plant Services First Approval of Rail Ranger Case Study
Water Trak Waterspray System Compliance Case Study
Water Trak Class 170_4, Low Adhesion Water Spray System Compliance Case Study
GTR AsBo ETCS NCL Class 717
Cyber Security Case Study