Software and Cyber Security

Intro to our services

The railway industry is facing one of the biggest changes in its history as the systems are getting more and more sophisticated and digitalised. With the advancement in innovation, it makes products very flexible, but open to new weaknesses and vulnerabilities that need to be controlled, reduced and mitigated. Software and Cyber Security become fundamental pillars of the design of the systems that support current and future railway operations.


In the last 20 years, software solutions have been introduced in many applications in the railway industry for both Rolling Stock, Infrastructure and Fixed Installation. Also the need of software in safety related systems exponentially increased.

AEGIS is supporting the industry to improve the quality of the software providing technical support throughout the software development life-cycle, trainings and independent reviews including software ISA and other independent services.

Our technical experts actively contribute to the creation of and revisions to the Software Standards for Railway Applications for CENELEC (the European standards organisation for electrical components).

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Cyber Security

Due to digitization and the need for more performance and better maintainability, previously isolated industrial systems are now connected to large networks and increasingly use standard protocols and commercial components. Because of this evolution, cybersecurity becomes a key topic for these industrial systems, including critical systems such as railway systems.

TS 50701:2021

The digitalisation of the railway systems opens to different types of weaknesses/vulnerabilities and risks that need to be analysed and mitigated as appropriate.

AEGIS is helping the industry in protecting railway operations by providing technical support from policy and plan definition up to cyber security case preparation, trainings and independent services such as Cyber Security Independent Assessment and Independent reviews.

Our technical experts actively contributed to the creation of the CENELEC Technical Specification TS 50701 for Railway Applications.

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