Design Assurance – Compliance Management

AEGIS has a detailed understanding of railway standards and legislation – from Directives and TSIs, to EuroNorms and UK notified technical rules – and their application to the approvals process, enabling AEGIS to work closely with its clients to ensure the approvals process is understood at all levels and applied in the most efficient and positive way possible.

Whether it’s new build systems or engineering change, AEGIS will identify the relevant standards and specific clauses, work with clients to produce the necessary compliance evidence and manage the delivery of submissions to regulatory bodies.

Infrastructure – Rolling Stock – OTM/OTP

AEGIS has detailed knowledge of standards applicable to infrastructure – Energy, Structures, Signalling, Control and Communications systems – and rolling stock – passenger, freight and OTM/OTP including:

Delivering Design Assurance

In delivering design assurance projects, AEGIS assurance engineers bring their domain knowledge and expertise to bear in defining the optimal approach balancing each project’s individual characteristics with the knowledge of what precisely will be required to gain the approvals needed. They interface with the client’s engineering and project management team, specialist experts where required, external approval and regulatory bodies and other project stakeholders at both a technical and contractual level.

When working in design assurance projects, the AEGIS assurance engineer will be responsible for:

AEGIS’ detailed understanding of the UK rolling stock and infrastructure markets and assurance/certification regimes ensures that your project will gain its approvals in the most cost effective manner possible.

Software Assurance

Software assurance relates to the level of confidence that software is free of vulnerabilities and that it fits its intended use. The software assurance service spans the entire software life-cycle, so it is essential that the process is in place from the start of development right the way through to the end of the software life-cycle.

AEGIS’ software assurance service offers valuable support to those involved in developing software for a system or sub-system, whether safety related or not. The approach taken will depend on the safety criticality of the safety function and its application – from SIL0 to SIL4.

The AEGIS software assurance service team are experienced and trained in performing software assurance activities through the entire software life-cycle, optimising the processes by selecting the appropriate techniques and methods step by step.

Software Assurance Services Offered by AEGIS

All services offered are according to the main software standards e.g. EN50128:2011, EN50657, EN61508 part 3, ISO900003 and IEEE829.

Safety Approvals and Authorisation Planning and Management