AEGIS has extensive experience in completing engineering and operational projects for Portable and Transportable Plant (P&TP), On-Track Plant (OTP) and On-Track Machines (OTM). These projects are not restricted to just Great Britain, with frequent projects taking place in other parts of the world e.g. Singapore.

Our team of dedicated plant engineers have vast experience in engineering, operations and safety of P&TP, OTP and OTM. In addition to this core team, the wider AEGIS family are able to be called upon to assist in the completion of projects particularly the various specialists that we have.

We can provide you with a complete service for carrying out modifications to machines or assisting in the development of new machines. Our engineers can produce specifications for developing designs for new machines, upgrades or modification. We can oversee your engineering change processes providing fully managed and documented systems. We can provide professional design and analysis of modifications and assist with innovative solutions to help you exploit new opportunities. We can manage the safety risk assessment and the authorisation or approvals process of the machines to meet NR and legislative requirements.

AEGIS has the capability to manage all types of project relating to P&TP, OTP and OTM, some recent examples are given below:

To further complement OTM and OTP project work by AEGIS Engineering Systems, AEGIS Certification Services (ACS) is able to provide Notified Body (NoBo), Designated Body (DeBo) and Plant Assessment Body (PAB) for OTM and OTP.

ACS’s experienced Engineers are able to advise what approval route is required for your machine, and then undertake then necessary approvals. ACS is able to offer approvals starting at Network Rail Product Acceptance for small portable plant such as impact wrenches, through PAB approval of Road Rail Vehicles, up to mainline and possession approvals and authorisation of OTM.