Our company values reflect our desire to make a genuine difference.  This means, for example, that we aim to make a real world improvement to safety (as opposed to just writing about it) and to find efficient ways to deliver projects.  Most approvals-related difficulties encountered by projects could have been foreseen at the strategy and planning stage, which supports bringing expertise to bear in setting a project off on the right course.  We are therefore keen to become involved at an early project stage when there is greatest opportunity to affect operational safety and project risks.

We have a growing team of rail engineers with a wealth of infrastructure experience across the engineering domains, supported by a network of specialist associates.  The team has a diverse background drawn from different parts of the rail industry, giving us a broad capability to support organisations and projects.

Our capability includes the following infrastructure domains, supported by our additional expertise in rolling stock and maintenance:

The infrastructure services we offer reflect the strengths of the company and infrastructure team, which includes: