Engineering Services

AEGIS is able to provide an extensive array of engineering services to address a wide range of railway design and operational issues. With its expert team of in-house engineers and on-call associates, AEGIS is well placed to provide positive solutions to any number of requirements.

Project Engineering and Management

Engaging with AEGIS gives clients the flexibility to manage their engineering project workload and respond to emerging tasks and commitments whilst working within the boundaries of their staffing policies and levels. AEGIS engineers have worked, and are working, within the engineering and project management teams of rolling stock manufacturers, UK train operators and ROSCOs, component OEMs as well as overseas operators and suppliers on wide ranging topics and projects:

Mechanical, Electrical and Software Engineering Projects

Projects undertaken for clients cover all disciplines including mechanical, electrical and software engineering. These can range from turnkey projects delivering a complete solution, providing a team to achieve a specific deliverable or AEGIS can provide engineers to work as part of a larger project team.

AEGIS engineers have a wealth of experience covering a large array of new and legacy rolling stock.  As such, we are well versed with undertaking engineering projects for our clients.

Some recent and current engineering projects include:

Feasibility Studies

AEGIS has considerable experience in carrying out studies to determine the feasibility of proposed changes or innovations. The approach taken is tailored to meet the specific requirements of  the client and project, typically including some or all of:

Due to the nature of many feasibility studies, details are frequently commercially sensitive so no specific reference projects are listed. However, AEGIS is ready to assist clients with all enquiries relating to all types of rolling stock and infrastructure.

Railway Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is the glue that binds together and integrates the multiple engineering disciplines and solutions required to deliver a modern railway engineering project.

Complex projects require careful and logical approaches to ensure that the delivered system provides all of – and only – the desired outcomes.

A clear and concise set of system requirements needs to be defined from the outset, whilst identifying a clear focus on roles and responsibilities. These requirements need to be rigorously applied through a defined life-cycle to ensure ownership is known and traceability guaranteed from input to result.

The skill of the AEGIS systems engineer is to manage the complex interconnections of the various system elements with the knowledge of how best to integrate the contributions from multiple and varied disciplines.

EN 50126 V life-cycle and bespoke project life-cycle structures

In an AEGIS project, requirements are succinctly defined and devolved to the sub-system levels with traceability both to the input requirement and to the validation activity that proves it has been implemented.

Whether following the tried and tested V life-cycle of EN 50126 or any one of the numerous bespoke project life-cycle structures, AEGIS engineers ensure that the developed system fulfils its defined requirements at each level of the cycle.

Traction Systems

AEGIS has a team of specialist traction engineers that is second to none in the UK rail industry. Coming from a background of traction system design, from the days of GTO thyristors through to the latest IGBT drives, AEGIS engineers have been responsible for the design and development of all aspects of traction drives – system design, performance, inverter control, power electronics, traction motor and power module design, cooling, EMC, safety cases . . . . .

This deep knowledge supports AEGIS’ involvement in preparing the safety justifications for many new build and refurbishment traction projects, as well the introduction of regenerative braking to existing fleets, through a sound understanding of the compatibility and safety requirements that must be met to allow safe integration of the new or modified rolling stock and the railway infrastructure.

AEGIS engineers have been integrally involved in the development of numerous fleets’ traction systems, including:

· Jubilee Line Extension 95TS, Northern Line 96TS

· Central Line 92TS retraction

· Class 458 new build design and safety case

· Class 455 retraction

· Class 321 retraction

· Class 442 retraction safety engineering

· Class 319 re-engineering

· Class 73 locomotive re-engineering safety support

· Budapest Metro traction engineer

· Singapore Circle Line traction engineer

· Class 220/221

· S Stock propulsion engineer and reliability growth

· Class 395 safety case

· Class 465 retraction traction engineer and safety case

· IEP EMC analysis

Our range of skills in traction covers:

· Traction system design

· Train performance

· System and Component specification

· Combined and on-track testing

· Inverter control

· Power electronics

· Structural design and analysis

· EMC and EE&CS strategies and implementation

· Regenerative braking

· Failure investigations

· Reliability growth

· Software assurance

· Safety Engineering (RAMS)

Structural Engineering

AEGIS delivers a wide range of structural assessments for railway applications such as:

Finite Element Analysis Method – FEA

AEGIS applies the Finite Element Analysis method to provide accurate numerical solutions to engineering problems. Whether it is an engineering system validation against the applicable rail standards or European Norms (GM/RT2100, BS EN 12663 and BS EN 13749), a system performance enhancement or failure investigation, AEGIS engineers have the experience to support their customers at all levels efficiently to achieve their targets.

The analysis typically looks in detail at the stress distribution (Von Mises stress for material proof assessments or Principal Stress for fatigue life calculation) whilst ensuring that the bolted, brazed and welded joints have sufficient strength to resist the operation conditions of the system.

Working at the heart of many railway projects, AEGIS offers structural engineering support and consultancy to rolling stock providers and OEMs worldwide.

AEGIS has built a respected reputation amongst its clients in delivering detailed and thorough structural assessments of challenging engineering designs.